Getting a Job as a CompSci Student: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me as a College Freshman

Overview & Purpose

Freshman & Sophomore Year

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

What You Should Be Doing In Your Free Time

Side Projects

How do I start on a side project?

How complex should the side project be?

What if it’s too intimidating to start a side project, or I can’t think of any ideas?


What is a Hackathon?


What if I’m not skilled/experienced enough to do a Hackathon?


Applying for Internships

Internships vs Co-Ops

Internships vs Undergraduate Research

Junior & Senior Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Applying for Jobs pt. 1/3: Before You Start



Your Resume

Portfolio Website

What should be on my portfolio site?

How do I make a portfolio site?

Applying for Jobs pt. 2/3: The Application


How do I get a referral?

Ok, but how do I network?

Should I even bother with applying the traditional way?

Applying for Jobs pt. 3/3: The Interviews

Do I need to prepare for technical interviews?

How do I get good at solving whiteboard problems?

Tips for the actual interview

Closing Thoughts

Auburn University Graduate. SWE at Google. Plays too many computer games.

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